Simone LeClaire is a 27 year old white woman who grew up on Leech Lake Indian Reservation, obtained film and sociology degrees in Moorhead, MN, and has lived in Minneapolis for five years. As a filmmaker she is interested in revealing moments of wonder, and exploring the intersection of art, social justice, and community engagement. Most notably she is the director of the award-winning Elemental series of retold fairy tales, and production manager of the hit local web series Theater People Season Four. Her short films Water (2016) and New (2017) have screened at film festivals around the country, as well as having been featured in multiple Minneapolis screenings. 

Simone is currently in post-production on her narrative shorts To Ana and Fire and producing Xiaolu Wang's grant-funded short film Dumpling (2019). In collaboration with Wang and Tahiel Jimenez, she is also organizing a film collective to support and amplify the impact of socially-conscious narrative film in Minneapolis. 

You can peek some of Simone's non-narrative, community-based work under the menu tab: " Additional - Non-Fiction by Simone".  She is available for hire as an editor (Adobe Premiere), producer, and director. 

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